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Jul 8, 2016
So I have had countless quails suffocated from snakes, the snake would attempt to swallow my Hens and roos ,oh wait turns out they're to big so once they're dead the snake spits them back out and goes for my maturing chicks and swallows the poor things whole.
I have already lost countless breeding pairs, and chicks.
Somebody help.

How do I keep the snakes out, I tried mothballs and that didn't help one bit. My business is crumbling to the ground because of this dang thing.


Mar 10, 2016
The black plastic netting you put over small fruit trees to save the fruit from the birds make a good "catcher' for snakes. Open the package and unfold the netting. Kinda twist it and string it out along the bottom of your coop/pen. The snakes will crawl into it but cannot get out. I once avoided looking at an area in the feed shed awhile because of the awful smell (I thought it might be one of the neighbor's feral cats), and when I finally brought myself to pull it out, I found FIVE big black snakes caught in the netting the pack rats had pulled off the shelving. All but one were dead, and the fifth one became so.

The above paragraph was posted by BetsyOK on the Okies III thread. It is post 66635 of 66774. It is the best advise I know.

Are you keeping your chickens in a coop? Does it have hardware cloth on it? Any small openings present that you can close up?


Jul 9, 2015
Ontario, Canada
The snakes will always be there, even if you wipe all of them out, more will move to the area and plus they're good for rodent control :)

I would seriously invest in predator proofing by getting 1/4 inch hardware cloth.

No snake or animal paw (raccoons will pull your quail out in pieces) can get through that - not even a mouse to steal the feed/filth up your quail cage.

It goes on sale at TSC, that's where I got mine for my aviary and chicken coop and we have never had a single predator problem. It keeps out everything from rats to coyotes lol.

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