Chickens and chicken feed attract mice, which in turn can attract snakes! Chicks probably attract snakes too...I had a black snake steal 5 silkie chicks from under a broody last spring. Got some barn cats to keep the mouse population down and haven’t seen a snake since :fl
Years ago someone said they had the best luck preventing snake predation by using
chicken wire, by coiling like a looser "slinky toy" and surrounding coop and run. The snakes couldn't get through it and were "hung up," until other predators came for lunch and made short work of them.

That would still scare the daylights out of me - but, they said it worked GREAT!! I would imagine deer netting would also.
I dont think the snake came to eat mice because the snake was 6-7 inches long and we dont have any rodent population.

I’d try to set some type of trap, unless your chicks are VERY secure. Snakes can fit through just about anything! If there is a 6-7 inch snake around you can bet there are other (larger) ones around too. What type of snakes you have will depend on your region. Best of luck!!
I would feed that one to the girls! I have found a black snake with it's head under a hen, both with eggs and chicks, later one actually tried to eat a hen, which I still do not think it could have done, but it was coiled around her, she was not harmed but scared they hell out of her. After finding the snake in the nest I added a golf ball to each and every nest, ya even the hidden nests (shhh dont tell them I found the nests), This will not stop an attack, but if it eats a golf ball it will not be back ever. The snake cannot pass a golf ball,,,,
Have a pic of said snake?

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