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    Quote:I have caught the same rat snake in my barn several times before too. I don't like to kill them because they are supposed to eat rattlesnakes, so we just took him across the river and he just kept coming back, I'm pretty sure he is the oen that got caught in the mesh that I mentioned earlier.

    yep, I gave him three chances to go away - I kept taking him farther and farther off - then he'd be back within two days.

    I hated killing him - he was a very nice snake. I could pick him up and he'd just lay there in my hands like "Oh, are we taking another walk today?"

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    Quote:[​IMG] well, it's what I had handy, and I didn't want to kill a "first time offender". I wanted to make sure that I had a problem that couldn't be fixed with moving him away first.

    I love snakes, really I do - have had pet snakes before, but I can't have them eating the poultry, either [​IMG]

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