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    Quote:Thank you so much. I'll update after the vet calls today.
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    Most dogs and cats bitten by venomous snakes survive. The bites are very painful and location is key. If bitten where venom is introduced straight into the bloodstream and to vital organs, it can be fatal. Most bites to pets are either "dry" or in a non-vital location. Cats are usually bitten on the paw .. after swatting at the snake.

    I've had a dog bitten by a copperhead in the forearm, one by a cottonmouth in the chest, and an old dog bitten in the face by a timber rattler. All of them received only benadryl and antibiotics at home .. and only one required veterinary care to clean the wound (the one on the chest).

    We saw lots and lots of dogs and cats with snake bites when I worked for a vet..

    I hope your cat feels better soon!

    BTW .. it's that time of year .. we've seen two Timber Rattlers already ... whoot!
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