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    Aug 30, 2013
    So, me and my husband are first time chick owners. We went in half with our landlord on getting our first batch. We were keeping them inside in a little homemade brooder. They finally this past two weeks have out grown the one we had for them at first. So, we made a bigger one from a large dog create and chicken wire. They also were moved outside on to our back porch. We made sure all the holes were too small for snakes... (Or thought we had) and had them at least about a foot and a half off the ground. We went to take our dogs outside last night to only to find that a young copperhead had manged to get into the brooder with them. The snaked killed three of our hens, and was trying to eat one but couldn't get it's jaw over the shoulders of the chick (He was in the process of trying to get the chick out of his mouth). As my husband went to get the shovel to kill the snake (I was in a fit of tears and yelling at the snake. I'm emotionally attached to our little 'Cluck-Clucks') he slipped back through and down underneath the porch/house.

    We have moved the chicks into our smokehouse. But I'm still so very very worried about the snake now. So, my question is... What do we do? We weren't able to kill the copperhead... So what are some ways to keep snakes away from the chicks/yard/house? We also don't have a big budget to spend on something....

    Thank you,
    Very Distraught chicken Mother
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    I am sorry for your loss. I had a snake get a few of my meaties last week. I had 1" hex wire and it pried itself in but couldn't get back out. If you can get to a hardware store pick up some metal (silver looking) screen for windows. A small roll usually costs about $7. Cover any openings with it Make sure it is secured, zip ties or heavy duty duct tape work great. If you use duct tape then you want to tape it on the outside it is stronger that way. They usually like eggs and chicks so he will be back. When you see it next kill it and leave it in the yard where you think it came from. This is like a shotgun guarded property sign for the animal world. Good luck.

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