Snapping Turtle attacked gosling- tore up leg


Oct 20, 2021
It varies from moment to moment
A snapper attacked our last gosling in our pond today. Its leg got tore up pretty bad. I need help to know whether I can save it or not. I'll bring it inside and add photos in just a minute. We're dealing with the snapper problem (so please no unsolicited "advice" about that) but I want to know what we can do for the gosling. Thanks in advance.
The leg (Mostly torn-up skin, but also a broken toe)

That injury is beyond my expertise. I don’t know much about geese, only chickens, and a vet would be the best for it. I would probably use 2% chlorhexidene for the wound, and get a decent antibiotic for bone wounds. Keep the gosling separated. I think that cephalexin and clindamycin are two that may be used. Sometimes you can get those online for fish or pigeons, but your local vet would be much quicker and they would prescribe the best one.

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