11 Years
Jun 11, 2008
New Hampshire
I am not even sure if this is where I should post this or how appropriate this is....
We have been dealing with a very smart fox all spring....we have lost 8 birds and now we have had it.
We have tried doing the stake out...hens out free ranging while we wait with a shotgun from afar...but he is soooo sneaky and smart.

Hubby is making 2 snares which is our last resort. We are not fans of trapping, but at the same time our flock is almost gone and it is just devistating to come home and find more for now the girls are in lockdown.

I am wondering what would make good bait for the snares and if anyone has used them with success.

This is heartbreaking for us honestly.

Have a heart traps are childs play for this fox.....he knows they are there.....he knows when I leave the house....creepy.

Any advice is appreciated greatly!!

Good luck catching him. Since he's after chickens, its probably the best thing to bait with. Im not saying one of yours, maybe get some cheap chicken parts at the store.
Bait is not needed with snares you want the animal moving not stopping looking around sniffing. if you have never used snares coil spring traps are so much better ( a snare set properly dispatches the animal) the snare need to be set where there is no chance of catching non targets ( companion animals ) what kind of fox are you dealing with? I use snares year round they work well in the right application. snares are really cheap to buy if you have never made one it is best to start with one made by folks with experience
Just a quick word of warning, you might want to check your local laws on the use of snares. I know here in Washington they are illegal, and they are are for many states. Some states still permit them though, but I don't know which ones.

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