Sneak attack from young Roo


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Jul 6, 2015
I picked up a few BCM chicks back in May as it turns out two Roos and one pullet. One of the Roos is now running up and attacking me when I turn my back. The other one just goes with the routine. I'm thinking about culling the one unless someone has a better idea on how to get him to calm down.

If you want two roosters, keep him and work with him. If not, cull him and keep the one that is behaving. I have a year old Buff Laced Polish rooster who has never made an aggressive move towards a human. There are good roosters out there!
I have plenty of hens for up to four or five roosters. These are just the new additions. We have nearly 40 hens. I didn't want any roosters because I've had roosters in the past that were aggressive but when I realized I had them I decided to try these out but so far I'm not impressed.
Great! I think it's really up to you. I went without a rooster for a year or too, and we didn't miss him a bit. The buff I have now came from the hatchery as a free "gift", and was advertised as straight run, so I figured it was a rooster. I was right, but other than being a nuisance sometimes, he's been OK. I have a broody sitting on eggs, so if any hatch it will be interesting to see what they look like since the rooster has an awesome tophat!
I have a broody EE hen and she is very bossy but she is the only broody hen out of nearly 40. Of course I don't expect my comets to ever get broody. I have a 50/50 mix of EE and comets and the one new BCM pullet who will jump up in my lap. I am hoping to get a few chicks from my EE hens and the BCM roosters since I had the roosters drop in my lap.
I would be interested in seeing your chicks once hatched to see if the top hat genes were passed on.
If any make it, I'll post some pictures!

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