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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by d_rooster, Nov 29, 2007.

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    I've got a cochin bantam hen brooding six Silkie eggs. I also set six matching eggs in an incubator 1 day after giving the first six to the bantam. I wondered if it were possible to give the incubator chicks, assuming any of them hatch, to the bantam hen to raise along with the ones she is hatching. If the incubator chicks hatch out within a day or two after hers, can I successfully fool her into thinking the incubator chicks are hers, too?

    How might I best do this and is there anything critical to success? Sneak them in at night? Get them under her as soon as they are fluffy and up and walking?
  2. Hi Donald!!
    That's do-able! I'd just slip them under her when it's dark and quiet.
    You'll want to leave the chicks in the bator til they are dry / fluffy and just being a day apart, there shouldn't be a problem.
    Good luck with the hatches!
  3. Oh boy, this is a tough one. If the incubator chickies hatch out at the same time, you should have success.
    I dont think id depend apon her accepting new chicks after she has started to rear her hatched ones.
    I always slip a day old chick under my broodies at night when the hen is quiet and settled.
    You sneak one "guineapig chick" under her tail ~not letting her see whats in your hand when you do this.
    She will make a little fuss and the chick will also fuss, then just watch to see if she accepts the chick, she may give a small peck then tuck the chick in under her.~ that is good.
    Give it 10 minutes then try with the next chick.

    Otherwise if she looks like she is attacking the chick with gusto, then get the chick out of there and place her in the bator.
    I only have silky broodies now so I dont have any dramas introducing chicks to them, but someone here may have had some problems and will give you their opinions
    Good luck and try to have them hatch on the same day!!!!yeah right!!!
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    Chicken Little accepted two 4 week old cockerells with out any worries...

    Her 10 chicks were also 4 weeks old.

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