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    Dec 4, 2011
    I had to tell of this...kinda funny but typical of a duck thats arogant and determined...

    This week has been rough on me and everybody around here. As some know I have 2 big ducks (mates) outside (buddy & squeek) and 2 juveniles (bug & chicky, both hens) inside the house in their pen thats highly secure, water proof and safe.

    I got a bad case of "Mad as Hell and not gonna take it anymore" and fired comcast cable last weekend. This was a sound business decision but I have to admit a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to another is a series of insults from a service provider that handled my internet, home phone, and cable I lost ALL in the blink of an angry Comcast acct reps eye....

    I've got to get a sattelite service asap...and some internet connection again. Phone went to magic jack for $19 a I'm DONE with home ph bills...forever.

    Knowing the patio would be the beach-head landing zone for the sattelite installers...I had to relocate outdoor duck pens and all the stuff that was out there. The only available space was indoors where the indoor pen was sitting along the back wall by the patio.....The indoor pen had to be moved to the only other wall space available in the bedroom.

    It looked like it would be ok, plenty of room, not crowded in there, under a window, so it looked perfect. The little birds don;t scream and chatter when I am in the room so sleep was not going to be a problem.

    The little ones had other ideas, especially my little Mallard girl. Chicky (aka Houdini) was not content to stay in that room when it got quiet. She was going to be where she could see me and hear me no matter what so everytime I left the room she'd fly out over the top and land somewhere to survey the situation and figure out what to do or where to go next....Bug cannot fly as of yet, and is pretty well grounded for now.
    The problem with Chicky is that she'd usually land on the biggest flattest surface she could spot...MY bed. Depending on how long she was standing around there...well, I don;t have to say it. You know what happens when a duck stands around anywhere....

    First time I scold her and put her back, laugh it off and get the priceless carpet shampooer with upholstery attachments out and clean my comforter. Not too bad, just 15 minutes that I could have used elsewhere.
    She does it again 30 mins later. So I cover the top of the pen with an old sheet and clamp it down. Now I've got it and that dang duck ain;t gonna decorate my bed anymore...better not.
    Later that afternoon I hear the familiar sound of wings and go look...theres Chicky standing in the middle of my bed where the last cleaning spot still had not I'm getting tired of this !
    I'm inspecting the pen trying to see how the winged poo beast is escaping to unleash her upholstery terror upon my bedding. There are many other places to land and dump, but I guess if you;re mad at someone for leaving you, leaving a calling card on thier bed is as good a place as any.
    This "game" goes on for 3 days....
    Finally I decide that I have to sit and wait and watch to see how shes doing this escape and wearing out my bissel machine and using up my $20 a bottle upholstery cleaning solution. I'm spot cleaning a big comforter 4 sq inches at a time..
    So I'm feeling a little silly hiding around the corner with a drink, a snack and planning to sit there all day if necessary but I'm gonna watch and see whats going on here. A "duck-cam" was taking this too far....but it was a consideration. Just wasn't sure where to postion it for the best view....and I wanted to catch her in the act so a good butt-chewing might do some good.
    Thankfully it only took 10 minutes. The little monster was actually using her beak to grab and lift the plastic garden fencing at the bottom of the pen and lifting it up enough to scoot under....pretty darn creative and it demonstrated to me that ducks can indeed think and they use logic. As I witnessed this escape I started laughing and called out her name and she was a s surprized as anyone...shocked actually, and tried to get back under and return to her confinement, but it was too late. She had that "oppps" look and knew she was in trouble.
    It was not too long ago that scientist discovered thru observations that many animals were able to think thru problems and create solutions. They observed an octopus using a rock on the sea floor to break a crab shell... an animal using a tool? and there were other cases of animal intelligence that are now documented. Interesting stuff.

    As interesting as this discover was, it was time for my bedspread to get a break. The little ducks went to the bath tub for an hour,. junk got pilled up in the living room, and the pen was taken outside, cleaned and washed and re-installed about where it used to be in the LR near the patio door where the indoor and outdoor ducks can see and talk to each other thru their window...with no roof top (so far) and all is well. It also has about ten new tie-straps along the bottom edge so a mouse couldn't squeeze thru any gaps down there....

    I wanted to share this for all those folks that have doubts as to the intelligence or emotional capability of their ducks...these two little birds got upset that they were relocated without their consent and they (one was able to do something) took action to solve their problem. As soon as the offending action on my part was corrected, they once again become nice, polite, loving little creatures that are well mannered and well behaved...

    Not sure what I'll have to do if this situation ever comes up again...but I DO know that a blue tarp for a bedspread is in my future...I cannot wait for someone to see that...then everyone will be certain that I'm a full blooded "bubba" from the Texas backwoods...

    BTW...I did get the DSL connected and installed and yesterday I got my sattelite dish installed and tuned. The ducks are happy and I'm happy...Finally able to relax after a week of aggrevation.

    Bye-Bye comcast....forever.
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    Jan 3, 2010
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    There were quite a few chuckles and nods in this story for me, thanks!

    A dear friend is fascinated by my stories of Duckdom . . . says he´s just beginning to realize the complexity of ducks´ language and social structure.

    Here´s hoping I continue to learn the language!
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    Jun 4, 2011
    I am constantly amazed by how smart these "dumb ducks" are.
    Holderead says to "think like a duck" to be a good duck owner. I am working on it.
    Sounds like you got some good insight into thinking like a duck, duck dad.
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    Mar 26, 2010
    Upstate NY
    My mallards used to hold "meetings" and talk about escape routes. Because they could fly, I put a cargo net over the top of their outdoor pen to discourage flight. BUT, to my amazement, they figured out a way to get through it.

    The first day I put the net up and took the ducks out to the pen, they all gathered in the center of the pen and gave the net the stink eye, then proceeded to hold a conference quietly amongst themselves.

    Two hours later, the escapees were outside the pen quacking up a storm and laughing at me! The little %##&*&s !
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    May 3, 2009
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    "Bubba", that's one funny post. [​IMG]
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    Dec 4, 2011
    As an update to the saga of the houdini-duck...

    As I said earlier the two that were in the bedroom went back to being well behaved after they got their old seat back at the breakfast room window....perfect lil ducks. Tonite when I was in the kitchen chopping some greens, Chicky decided to come visit like she always does when they hear me chopping or they smell the cabbage...something. They know whats going on and like to hang out at my feet like puppies waiting to be fed. Buddy & Squeek will come in every afternoon/evening when I start getting their dinner together....they love to watch and dance around in anticipation. I'm glad they are so excited about cabbage...(I'm sure not).

    Anyway, Chicky drops in (literally) and comes over to where I'm tell me if this isn't weird.....

    I pick her up and tell her that she's not supposed to be in the kitchen and that I thought we had an ageement that she was going to stay in her pen today until its time to play in the water or change the sheets.... I then told her that shes grounded...this means no more flying today...I'm taking her pilots license away till tomorrow.......I'm saying this outloud since there is nobody else around.........then she flaps in my arms, takes off and flys to her pen and lands inside..!
    I must be loosin it 'cause that duck sure seems to understand english !

    There is something about that little Mallard girl...

    Talking to ducks is nothing to be concerned about. Believe me, it's when THEY start talking to me....that'll be a problem.[​IMG]

    none have EVER flown back INTO their pen.....ever. Buddy flys out of his pen all day long but when I put him back I have to carry him in or lift the fence so he can scoot back inside..he won;t fly and neither will Squeek. They just don;t fly into the pen. That don;t happen. Strange.
    If that bird learns to fly to the bathtub when I tell her, I'm calling Ripleys Believe it or Not !
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    Jun 4, 2011
    [​IMG]I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread. I've gotten some good laughs today.
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    X2 this is much better than TV.. so I'll join ya m.[​IMG]

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