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Jul 12, 2016
The Garden State

My name is Aleesha and I am the proud chicky mama of 10 chickens! I have 3 Dominiques (but will soon be down to 1 since 2 are roos and I cant have those), 2 Black Copper Marans, 2 New Hampshire Reds, a Delaware, a Gold-laced Wyandotte, and a Buff Orpington. Their names are:

Iris (Dom)
Betty (NHR)
Priscilla (BCM)
Martha (NHR)
Dottie (BCM)
Margaret (Del)
Ginger (GLW) and
Pearl (BO)

...and the 2 roos used to be Dorothy and Joan.

This is my first year with chickens and I am still trying to figure out how in the heck I made it so long without having any. They are all the light of my life, along with my dog, of course, and they keep my boyfriend and I entertained and laughing constantly. We never knew just how much personality a chicken could have!

The reason behind my username, Sneaky Chicken, is pretty simple... Im not actually allowed to have chickens. So I have to sneak and keep them a secret.
They are TOTALLY worth it, though..

Im so happy to be a part of a community of chicken lovers! My friends and family without chickens just dont understand my obsession! I cant wait to hear the advice and funny stories everyone has.
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I'm a sneaky chicken too, I should only have four but I own 12 hens and a cockerel who wears a crow collar, soon-to-be a pair of ducks and I have 15 bantams coming! Lol
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