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    I got up today and went to check my babies (2 brooders - one for 3 - 4 weekers and one for 1-2 weekers) anyhow I noticed that there was what looked like a chicken poop on the plastic bin next to the bigger babies pen (about 3 feet tall) and it looked just like it would if a chicken was sitting on the top edge of the pen, anyhow they were all there so I fed and visited then went to have coffee. I came back and sat on a box next to the bin and was visiting with the littler babies when I heard a flapping noise. I turned my head and there was one of my mystrey chicks (still not sure what breed) sitting on the top edge of the pen with this gimormous smirk on it's face like it was saying "Oh, hi there, look at what I can do now!!" He sat there just as cool as can be until turned him around and nudged him/her? and flew back into the pen. Before I left I noticed a couple others flapping and looking up like they were trying to figure out how to do it... luckily my brother has a big stash of screens with lightweight framing, so one long crossbar and 4 screens and the pen has an easily removable top. Boy do I need to get my coop finished.
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    Yeah, our week-old BR just figured out that she can get up to the edge of the brooder yesterday. The others freak & run in circles when she does it.
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    My OEGB just figured out how to do that. Now he thinks he's as big as the older sex link chicks that are a week older than him. Now the Silkie cross and the Mille Fleur are exercising their wings and trying to figure out how to do it too. I have kept screens over my brooders since about week two. In the other brooder my Wyandottes are always the first to shoot out when we remove the screen. They taught the cochins how to escape. Only my Silkies still can't, or won't escape.
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    yeah - I had to put a taller gate on my other brooder too, they are only 1-2 weeks but they are flying around in there like crazy and perching on top of the waterers and feeders (the ones with the mason jars) and whenever one gets up there the others jump up and bite their toes cause they are jealous and they want the top spot. I also put my mini roost in for them today since I built a bigger one for the others.
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    Quote:so - near Tacoma?

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