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Dec 15, 2020
Hello, I am new to the chicken community, I’ve owned chickens since the summer and I have had nothing but trouble. I hoping I can find some experienced chicken enthusiast on here to give me some advice.

All of my chicken are sneezing fairly frequently, they have slightly wet glistening noses, one of them has developed a booger on her nose.
Atleast of the chickens is have a yellow greasy poop and atleast one of the chicken is have a very wet splat poop with a little big of stingy white .
They have just completed 10 days of onycin and then 5 days of panacur aquasol

what do you think I should do?

iv included a couple of icky pictures to help you see what I am talking about.



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I’ve owned chickens since the summer and I have had nothing but trouble.
You need to include some more information, such as;
Your location. We don't need your address, just general area. Helps make advice on climate related more relevant.
How may chicken do you house together, and size of their housing. Coop, and Run size.
Is your coop well ventilated.?? Poor ventilation can lead to many chicken health issues.
What do you feed your chickens?? Your chickens do not need to be an a stringent SCIENCE DIET, but if the feed is completely wrong, then we can advise how to correct.

They have just completed 10 days of onycin and then 5 days of panacur aquasol

Who suggested this treatment, although I'm not saying you did the wrong thing.

WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and :welcome

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The mucous in the nostrils to me would indicate respiratory disease. Which one, it would be hard to know without testing.
Mycoplasma can be fairly common respiratory disease, but you have administered Onycin (Tetracycline) so you may be dealing with a virus instead.
I assume you are in Canada(?) and received the medication from a vet since you mention the Onycin. If so, you could ask your vet if there is another option for treatment like giving Tylosin to see if that makes a difference.

How much ventilation is in your coop?

The 2 last photos of poop look fairly normal, if not a little loose - one is sort of loose with urates and the last one looks like cecal poop. The first one, it's hard to know about that one.
The Aquasol, if administered per directions would have treated roundworms, cecal worms and hairworms. A follow up fecal float performed by your vet can tell you if worms are still and issue and if medication needs to be changed.

What do you feed?

I would clear away the mucous from the nostrils. Look inside the beak to make sure there are no lesions or canker. Make sure they are drinking and eating well and see that the coop has good ventilation.

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