Sneezing and "custard like" droppings

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    Just brought my birds home on Sat. One of the bantam girls has been sneezing a lot and today I saw her drop a "custard like" poop. No blood that I could see. From what I've been reading on the boards it sounds like it could be worms.

    She is not acting lethargic at this point, but I'd like to get it taken care of before it progresses.

    I would like to separate her from the other four birds and bring her inside. What should I keep her in? We have a large cat carrier (or small dog) But I don't know that she'd be happy in there. I can even put a small roost in there for her.

    Planning on running out and getting apple cider vinegar, garlic, sulmet and Ivomec Eprinex just so I have all these on hand if/when needed.

    Any advice on housing a sick chicken would be appreciated!

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    I'm housing a sick cockeral right now. During the day, I keep him in a small bathroom and cover everything with newspaper. At night, I put him in a pet carrier and put him in a room with no windows and shut the door so it's dark and he doesn't wake us up at the crack of dawn crowing. Works great for me. I've used this particular bathroom for many a sick chicken (much to my husband's chagrin).
  3. Sulmet is for Cocci. I would get Wazzin for the worms. the Ivomec Eprinex is good for gapeworms and external parisites, but it lacks in getting the pin worms and such in the intestines. If you use the injectable ivomec and give it orally you will have a better success rate. The wazzin is safer and about as effective. It does not get all that the injectable does however. You can repeat the dosage with the wazzine and you can eat the eggs within a few days of the chickens passing thier parasites. I give mine bread the day i worm them to get them to drink alot of medicated water.
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    Don't put the roo in with her. Other than that it sounds like you are right on track.

    OOps! You said roost and I read rooster. Not enough coffee. Good luck.
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