Sneezing... but thats it.


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Aug 10, 2008
Cuero Tx
I have a group of birds that seem to sneeze quite a bit. They look healthy and eat a lot(about 6lbs every 2 days). There are 7 of them (including a rooster) and I get about 4-5 eggs a day (most of them are cochins). Also their poo looks normal. And another thing we have been going through a severe drought and it is very dry. So do yall think anything is wrong or is it just the enviroment bc I cannot find anything and (besides the sneezing) they are doing wonderful. thanks for your help.


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Nov 23, 2007
I have a wyandotte that sneezes for a week and it then fine. Garlic in their water is good for their respiratory system. I would just keep a watch over them and if any other symptoms occur then try and treat from there

Sorry if that isnt any help


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Apr 20, 2008
Mid/UpState NY's Hudson Valley
My chickens do this too, all of them. There are NO other symptoms (and I've looked and looked) and they are happy and healthy. I've no idea what is up.. I'm worried I have carriers of some disease or something...

Maybe it's the pine chips bedding.. I hate using straw.. Can chickens become ill with something if they are not free ranging, have adequate space in the coop and in their run, act healthy, eat well, lay lots of eggs that are healthy, are active and chipper?

I had one sick chick that was introduce last fall, promptly seperated and culled.. He had a bad upper resp infection, watery eyes, snot.. so I am always worried the rest have caught it..even though this was 6 months ago

I worry too much..


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
My chickens sneeze a bit when things get dry around here. Lilith sneezes when she eats too fast; some of her sisters do too from time to time.

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