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Sneezing chicken died last night, rest of flock sneezing too!

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by BYCLover, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. BYCLover

    BYCLover Hatching

    Feb 8, 2013
    Hi all,

    I'm super new to this chicken thing so I'm asking for some expert advice. I had 6 Red stars that are 14 weeks old (I bought them started) and 2 4 week old Black Australourps (bought from my feed store). We are in the process of building their coop (almost done) and so they have been housed in the garage for the time being in an area with newspaper and large pine shavings. One of my Red Stars died last night. I had noticed that she was getting less interested in food the last couple days. She was also sneezing with a little mucus coming out her nose (I noticed this esp when I went to dispose of her). Anyway, like I said, she died last night and I noticed today that a bunch of my other hens are sneezing as well (I haven't noticed the australourps doing so yet). They have not had any signs of eye congestion or anything as of yet (including the one that died). I've tried to do some research to understand how to combat this illness, but all I can figure is that it's a respiratory illness of some sort (I don't know which one). I would really hope not to have to cull them all before I even get started with a backyard chicken hobby. :-( I've noticed a little loose droppings now and then. I'm so new to this chicken thing, I don't know what's normal.

    I clean out their area every other day to try to keep everything clean to lessen the chance for disease until they can get into their new coop, yet here I am. This morning after cleaning out their area again thoroughly, I added ACV to their water and gave them a hot mash with oatmeal, probiotics, honey, egg and a sprinkle of garlic.

    Please help!

  2. applegal

    applegal Chirping

    Dec 30, 2011
    You may need to go TSC or your local feed store for an antibiotic for your girls. If I were you I would treat everyone. I'm not sure off the top of my head which med to buy, so you'll need to do a bit of research and read packages. Maybe check the emergencies page here on BYC for an idea. Lots of experienced folks in the forum. Also get some Poultry VetRX for their water it helps with the sneezing and congestion.
    Good Luck!
  3. [​IMG] So sorry you're having this trouble from the getgo! I don't know as much as a lot of the more experienced folks here on BYC, but I do have some experience with these symptoms. About 3 weeks ago we got some new pullets, and put them into a seperate pen from out free range established flock of 4 Bantams. They smelled bad when we got them I noticed. About 3 days later, one started sneezing, but still were eating like they were starving and drinking lots of water. I was advised to seperate the one and get some Tetracycline/Duramycin at the feed store for her. I treated her for about 2 days, and she died in the night. The next day my cockerel (free range) was just standing, not eating, noticed he had a runny nose with dirt caked on it, and was just looking sick in general. I immediately got him into a cage seperated and brought him inside my heated shop. I started treating him with the Tetracycline water with ACV added (to cut down the mucus in his mouth and nose). The water mixture was 2 teaspoon Tetracycline, 4 TBs ACV per gallon, but he wouldn't eat or drink so I had to give it to him by hand with a syringe without the needle 2 times a day. Also got some electrolytes for poultry, to mix in with the water about a day later, to keep from dehydration. (that is something you need to consider if they're not eating or drinking) A couple of days later he started feeling better, but I had to unstop his nostrils so he could breathe. I got some yougart and began to give him that also in a syringe, switching back and fourth between the water mixture and the yougart (thinned with water, so it would go through the syringe and not be so thick), and the switching during feeding so he would be able to clear his throat after the yougart. Since then I've seen posts that said not to give the yougart if there's mucas because it makes it worse, but it didn't for him, I just made sure to give him plenty of the water in between, and gave him just very small amounts at a time, giving him plenty of time to swallow and get some breaths. That was the only nourishment he was getting since he wouldn't eat. A few days later, he was doing really good, and I went and got some VetRx from the Tractor Supply co, and began to use that to help his breathing. Now he is fully recovered, but it's been over 2 weeks, with a lot of tlc. Main thing, keep them warm and out of drafts first of all! Sick or chickens espically babies get cold easy. I was told to keep them in temps to at least 85 or 90 degrees. I also had another pullet in there in a seperate cage treating her, she's still in there, and still has a cough. I sent for a necropsy report, and got partial results back of : Coccidiosis and several kinds of worms, they are still further testing to see if they may also have Marek's or Lymphoma. Haven't gotten that back yet. But my cockerel is good to go. Hope yours get better. keep them warm, get antibiotic and electrolytes if they are not eating.

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