Sneezing chickens and mites any natural remedies I can use?

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    Today when I got home from work I checked on all my chickens and there appears that there are two that are sneezing and having a hard time breathing thru there noses. On top of that one has got mites pretty bad too. I was planning on cleaning out there area this weekend where they are and putting fresh bedding in. Currently there are 3 of them in the back of a rather large horse trailer. I open the door so they are getting fresh air. Just have it blocked so they can't get out. 2 of the 3 are sneezing. One is worse than the other. Both of these birds are silkies. I know I probably need to dust these 2 but want to avoid any chemicals (i.e sevin dust). I was planning on bathing them both to get rid of the mites. But not sure if bathing would get rid of mites along w/ cleaning there area. And the fact that they are sneezing I don't want to bath them and then have them get worse from getting wet (of course I would blow them dry). I have never had mites this bad before. As for the sneezing I took VetRx and put some on their nostrils as well as on their chests and put some in their drinking water too. The one that is worse than the other w/in about 5 minutes she seemed much better (could breath better). Is there anything else I can do to help. I really don't want to lose these 2 as they are my show birds. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would Diatomaceous Earth. You can probably find it at your local feed store. Dust them with it feed it to them and sprinkle it all over there coop. It should get rid of there mites pretty quick and it is harmless. Just don't get it in any ones eyes and you might want to wear gloves when you apply it. I got really bad dry skin after plunging my bare hands in it. Best of luck.

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