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    So I intruduced two older chickens to my flock of 8 without quarantine them first and one of them started sneezing and then having a hard time breathing. I read somewhere to put Apple cider viniger in the water and it might help. Soon after I did that it sounded better, no worries. About 3 days ago she started to wobble and fall a lot and I notice another chicken sneezing. After talking to some people I went and bought Tylan 50 and injected the sick bird and turkey with it and the chicken that was having a hard time walking, we put down:( I now notice one of my baby chicks sneezed, just twice but I am still scared. Can anyone tell me if I should give a 4-5 weeks old chick the Tylan 50 too? I have 5 other chicks and don't want them all to get sick. I was also wondering if I should still eat the eggs they are laying? Can anyone help, please. I am a very worried and sad chickma.
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