Sneezing, congested flock???

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Oct 19, 2012
So... I had bought 8 new chickens. Unfortunately, they were delivered while I was at work and the family stuck them straight in with my healthy flock of 8! Grrrr... The new hens were not kept in ideal conditions being that they had a decent amount of space but it was not particularly clean. When I had originally visited the place where they were living, I spent a fair amount of time in the coop and did not notice any sneezing... As a matter of fact, no one was sneezing until about two or three days after arriving here. This has now been a little under a week and just this morning I heard one of my original hens sneeze... Ugh!

Whatever is going on, is apparently infectous. I was thinking Coryza... But everything I read mentions eye symptoms, not one hen has this in any form. They are clear eyed, active and eating. I can hear nasal congestion and they sneeze, but there is no sign of difficulty breathing. So I'm wondering if this is more of just a bacterial condition stemming from the new girls' prior coop condition??? I've started them on garlic and ACV, just as my girls always get. I'm all about more natural alternatives to harsh chemical treatments, unless it comes down to that. Vet visits are not an option for where I live.... No one sees stock outside of equine care in my area.

Any ideas?
Here is a page with incubation periods.

Congestion and sneezing sure sounds like a respiratory disease. I am so sorry.

There is a chance, however, that it could be internal parasites- it happened to one lady on BYC. She was going to cull her whole flock and sent one for necropsy. It was internal parasites. If interested in necropsy, I believe you contact the state veterinarian or county extension office.

So a necropsy is really the only way you'd know exactly what it is. If it were me, I'd remove the new hens and the one affected thus far from your flock until you know what it is.

If it turns out very bad and they start dying, at least you may save some of your flock from catching it. There is such a thing as asymptomatic carrier though for some diseases.
diagnosis charts at bottom
Thanks for your reply! I have poured over that diagnosis chart already and thats why I'm so baffled... Literally the only symptoms they have are the sneezes and sniffles. There is no actual discharge, no eye problems. The two that were sickest right off the bat, already seem less bothered with symptoms and layed eggs just this evening. I had quarantined them in a cozy cage in the garage a couple days ago. That's why I was curious about some sort of a bacteria... If its parasitic, the heavy doses of garlic could be helping... The only parasite the I am familiar with the is associated with respiratory issues is gape worm? The symtoms are nothing like that, no coughing or stretching the neck... Do you know of any other parasites that could be causing this?
I'm a new member. What does garlic rooster has a running nose and not crowing.I don't know.what to do.I just got my chicken. It's all new to me.good luck with yours.
Hi LadyBug! I'm a new member too, not exactly new to chickens though I am still learning as I go. Garlic is fantastic and one of the cheapest things you can do for a chicken's health. It has natural antibacterial properties and is one of natures antibiotics. Also its reppulsive to parasites, internal and external. Some people say that it will make the eggs taste like garlic, but thats not true. My hens are giving garlic daily and there are plenty of people who love them and have never said anything about a funny taste. I try to use things that are natural to allow immunes systems to have a chance to do their job as well. If anyone gets super sick, I'll try a more dramatic approach.

Is your sniffling Rooster your only chicken or just the only one showing symptoms?
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