Sneezing, congested pullet- not spreading to others, antibx not helping?


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
I have 3 pullets, the youngest of my mixed flock of 8... They all came down with what seemed to be the sneezes (the 3 youngest) but no other symptoms, not even runny noses. Eating, Drinking well and normal, happy energy level. My 5 month olds never developed anything. Now two of the youngsters seem to be coming down the home stretch but the third one is still not doing well. Now she (gold laced polish) has developed a here-and-there runny nose, and sounds of congestion have increased; still eating and drinking fine but energy level is down just a little. I did try them on tetracycline at the beginning of this and it had no effect on it. Since it also wasn't spreading I assumed it was possibly just a little virus that they would get over on their own. The two have, for the most part, but not my little polish girl! Any Suggestions? I don't want to wait till its to the point that its too late to save her.
Infectious bronchitis, a virus, may be the reason they didn't respond to tetracycline, although they may have mycoplasmaG. that is resistant to it. IB doesn't affect older chickens nearly as bad as young chicks and pullets. Tylan 50 is a good antibiotic if you need to try another one. Here is a list of possible diseases with recommendations for antibiotics:
If its a virus, antibiotics will not treat it. It is also possible that you need a stronger antibiotic. Tetracycline isn't as strong as Tylan50, which is one of the best antibiotics for respiratory diseases. I'd get some Tylan and try it. You should be able to find Tylan pretty easily at a farm supply store. You'll need some small (20-22gauge) needles and some small syringes as well. The dosage for Tylan50 is 1cc for large fowl, .5ccs for bantams, given into the breast muscle once daily for five days. In case you haven't given a chicken an injection before, here is a helpful link:

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