Sneezing coughing and Rattley sounding chickens..Whats wrong with them and how do I treat it?


6 Years
Jun 1, 2013
North TX
I have a small flock of 8 and my Rooster is sneezing and coughing and his crow sounds broken. He has been like this for awhile. We have him duramycin but it did not seem to help at all. My neighbor,couple houses down has a much bigger flock and has about 10 hens with the same symptoms. Please if you have any knowledge of what is wrong with them and how to treat it please share. We would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!
OMG my chickens have exactly the same thing!!! It's bronchitis! Hold on, I'll get the link that tells you the symptoms, to make sure. It doesnt kill usually, so don't worry!
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