Sneezing in Chickens?


7 Years
Nov 6, 2012
My chick just died a few days ago, and now my other 4 week old Silkie is sneezing. I am very concerned. Their poo is watery/clear. But at times it is watery/darker. What could this mean? Can I do anything to prevent the death?
Sneezing can be from environmental causes, such as dusty feed or dusty coops. It can also be respiratory disease. If sneezing is your only symptom (of a respiratory problem), I'd not get worried yet on that.

However, if you just acquired a new chicken and you don't have him in quarantine and he is the one sneezing, I'd quarantine him immediately.

Now as for the diarrhea in a 4 week old chick with a flock death- I'd be suspecting coccidiosis.

Treatment is Corid or Sulmet. Corid is better as it treats more strains of it. Sulmet is harder on their systems as well.

I give Corid 9.6% liquid (available in a powder with a different dosage also-in the cattle section of the feed store) - 9.5 ml per gallon of water, new solution mixed daily as their drinking water. I always treat all the chickens who have been exposed to the poo of the ones ill.

Don't administer vitamins with Corid, as it is a thiamine blocker.

Coccidiosis is a fast killer of chicks usually under 8 weeks of age and is an emergency.
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