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Feb 17, 2011
South East TN
Oh boy. So, the chick that was wet earlier is in question now. Recap from last post:

Went to check on them and her whole belly, neck and chest was wet but starting to dry. They love to tip their water container over, so I figured maybe she'd just laid down in the wet area or something but the bedding wasn't really that damp. I decided to change all the bedding. As I was getting them out one by one I heard her sneeze. Then again about a minute later. She was running from me like a mad woman very lively but she sneezed three times while I was removing them all. I immediately took her out and put her in a separate container where I observed her sneeze again. I have owned cockatiels before, and have heard this exact same sneeze noise when they would come out of the shower. They would sneeze a few times.

No other signs of illness at all. She's peeping hysterically pacing in her small hospital. Lots of normal looking poop in just the 45 minutes she's been in there. Should I leave her out? When do you worry about a little sneezing?
I think when there is stuff coming from there nose, bad smell, or bubbly eyes.If you google sneezing chickens you might get some more info too. Or if you have had other sick chickens. It does sound like it was from her getting wet, is she still sneezing?
Hopefully she doesn't have a respiratory problem. Keep her isolated. Do a search on this website. I almost always find that someone has had the same problem with a chick. Good luck! She will probably be fine! Keep us posted.
Thanks. So far she's still in chick hospital. I stood there for about four minutes listening and I didn't hear her sneeze. She's been eating and drinking all night because there was lots of normal looking poop on the paper towel I put down.

Maybe another weird timing, I DID just remove the paper towels from the main brooder yesterday so now they are totally exposed to the aspen. I wonder if maybe its in the air and just bothering her a little? There is no fluid or anything coming out, just the little sneeze sound. I've also observed her rub her beak on the bedding a few times side to side, not sure if that's related or not. I really don't want to loose a chick. I'm paranoid at this point,lol.

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