Snooty Chickens!


10 Years
Aug 17, 2009
Plant City, FL
So, DH and I made a cute little coup for our girls in hopes they would enjoy laying their eggs in there.

There are 3 separate nesting boxes. I took the advice that I have read on here and put 2 golf balls in 2 of the nesting boxes and since I ran out of those I found a blue plastic egg from Easter and put that in the 3rd box.

They will not lay in the boxes with the golf balls. They sit up in there and like to poop
But.. with the blue egg in the box they will ALL (which is only 3 of them) will nest and lay in the same box.

I really wish they occupied all the nesting boxes instead of all taking turns.

Crazy chickens!
It might not even matter if you had 6 nestboxes and blue eggs in all of them.. I have 7 laying and they all laying in the same 2 boxes (I have 4 boxes)...I have wooden eggs painted purple--bright purple in there...My nephew has golf balls in all his nest boxes (he has 7 boxes for 10 girls) and they all lay in two boxes... Glad your girls are at least laying..

And yes, they can be snooty!
For some reason, they all seem to like the same nesting box! That is normal and to be expected. Don't ask me why, but they can be so quirky!

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