Snow Day! With Ducks!


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
We had a lovely snow day today.
Lovely because I went to work yesterday & didn't have to scramble to find a sitter or drive anywhere today.
We made some crafts, cooked an EVIL cake - Dolce De Leche with Salted Caramel Buttercream - and hung out with the ducks in the snow.

Under their favorite tree.

I had just filled their pool with warm water, but they spent hours out in the yard. Mr. B. seemed to really enjoy dunking his head into snow drifts like they were his water bucket.

No real point to my post, just celebrating a joyous, productive SNOW DAY!
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Beautiful Photos
Thanks guys.
We had a really nice day.

We got close to a foot by day's end. I had to shovel off the roof of the duck house to get the door closed.
wow awesom pictures we havent got more than three inches this year but it has been in the mid 20's to low 20's here in northern oregon

We haven't had much until yesterday. I am so glad for a thick coating of powder. After work & band practice, I'm getting out the snow shoes - FINALLY - and cutting some trail through the back fields. We had so much snow last year we cut a 7.5 mile track from the back door, through the neighbor's fields, to the power lines, and back to the front door. If it is going to be cold like it is, I WANT SNOW!!!!

Thanks for the kind words, Kikidee. Any luck finding your own Anconas to love?
Ugh! I keep posting things and then they disappear! Not complaining, love the new Byc.

Anywho! You're duckies look so pretty in the snow! Mine hated it! They wouldn't walk in it, they just kind of scooted. I felt bad for them, but it was kinda funny. :)

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