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    Aug 29, 2007
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    We are having a lot of snow in Western Washington, the first snow of the year for my birds

    yesterday, they stayed in the coop all day (the ducks have been out all the time, they like teh snow)

    today, the ducks came out, and two of my serama hens came out
    everyone else stayed in the coop

    the serama hen flew out of the coop, never touched the ground and flew up into a tree, about ten feet off the ground. She sat tehre all day long. I was beginning to wonder if she was staying up there becuase she did not want to touch the snow, it was getting late and i was worried taht she would roost up there and it would get dark and she would not come back into teh coop at all, and be stuck up in the tree tonight when it snowed and rained more

    so I grabbed some branches of the tree to try and get her out. Big mistake. She flew over to another tree, about twenty-five feet up. Whoops.
    A couple hours later she flew up into an even higher tree, some forty five feet or more highter- way way over our house - these little chickens can really fly

    another serama hen flew out thsi afternoon and roosted about 40 feet up a big maple leaf tree- but she made her way back into the coop

    BUT Jenny, our micro tieeny tiny serama and my daugters dear pet remains up high in that tree, it is past dark, way way past when she should have been back in the cooop and
    there is nothing I can do to get her down

    I feel so powerless and frustrated
    She will freeze tonight
    my daughter will be heart broken
    she is also my prize serama hen of my serama flock
    our whole family adores her

    I have no idea how to get her down, she is clearly not coming down on her own, even though we ar ehaving a snow storm and her coop is open and inviting
    and i can not get to her- not with all the ladders and all the might of my throwing arm, I can not get near her

    anyway, that is my whine/cry
    but my question is do any of your hens act like this in the snow?
    mine do roost up in trees without the snow and it is no biggy, they come back and its all fine-- but I really think she does not want to walk in the snow - and seramas really are not known for being winter hardy by a long shot[​IMG]
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    Yes, mine hate the snow, and I will not even let them out of their covered run when we have snow on the ground, they can get frostbite on their feet, luckily mine don't fly very high, so IF they do happen to get out I just go pick them up and put them back in the coop.
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    My free range birds do similar with first heavy snow of season. Sometimes they will go two days before taking full advantage of feed set out for them. Keep feed out where she can see it and flockmates and she will likely come down. Do not give chase.

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