Snowy Mallard ducklings (pics)


10 Years
Mar 18, 2009
Hatched out 14 on May 17... Lost one just yeasterday, do to cutting hay field



Heres the parents:


If youre near me, Im selling right now...$5 each.
Yeah, I agree! Your hen is beautiful. She almost looks like Appleyard color. I wonder what genotype she is?
Well they very well could be a different color then what Im saying. They came from a greenhouse farm and shes lets them just roam, throws the corn once in a while and coyotes get them sometimes too. I was just told from the owner that they are snowy mallards. That was good enough for me. And I love them. Thanks for all your nice comments! I wish you all were closer too!
I need a incubator too! Bought an EE cause I heard they like to go broody, she is over a year and still no broody. But thanks I like them too. Im sad I have to sell the babies. I love watching them walk around and eat bugs all that good stuff.
We raise mallards and bought a bunch of adults from someone in Michigan, with the mallards were some just like yours!! We thought maybe they were mallards mixed with a pekin or something else. It is nice to know what they are!

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