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One of our non breeders has had a bit of a weepy eye for about a month now, and this morning it was significantly worse. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can treat him? We aren't able to go to the vet for numerous reasons (one of them being that we only either have a rural or tow vet available), so is possible we would love if someone knows of something that might work.
When I first noticed Brambles eye, about four weeks ago, I just told my younger sister (the bunnies owner) to wash his eye every day with a bit of warm water. I think I just assumed it was no big deal, that he just had something in his tear duct etc. But back then there was only a bit of clear fluid, with a tiny bit of white stuff.
So she's been actually quite good at doing so, getting out the cotton buds just about every day (sometimes twice) to clean Brambles gooeys away. The only thing is it never really seemed to get any better, though it also didn't appear to be getting any worse. So the eye cleaning continued.
Then this morning, the poor wee critter was found in his hutch like this:

Not the very best of photos, but you can see his eye is well closed, with a very large amount of white 'snot'. The thing that's really got me puzzled though, is that other then his awful looking eye, he's apparently fine. There is no fluid at all around his nose, no matting on his paws, and his other eye is all bright and clear. He could be a little fatter, but I guess that's only to be expected :(
Here's Bramble after I cleaned him up a bit, with some more warm water, cotton buds and a little epsom salt. He still isn't looking much better, and you can see how puffed up his lower lid is:

So my guess is that with all the eye cleaning that's been going on, his eye never really had the time to get clogged up. And after cleaning was forgotten yesterday, it looks as though it's much worse then I thought.
Any help/ advise much appreciated!

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