So...About the Blue Gene? Give it to me Straight


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I am not a lucky person. So the shots on this are about 99 to 1 instead of 50/50.

I have a blue pullet and a black cock. I know the theoretical ratio should be 50:50 for blue and black. But I was wondering what some ACTUAL people have gotten in their flocks.

I'd especially like to hear from the unlucky people that want blues....but have issues getting them.

Which is better? Blue male over black female? Black male over blue female? I know it shouldn't make a difference, but there are superstitions.

I just hatched out 1 blue cockerel and 1 black pullet from a blue x blue breeding (I was wanting splash...
). I HATE breeding brother to sister, but will breed the son to mother if the male is what I'm looking for. Otherwise...he gets the boot too!

So..any ideas on how to "increase my chances"? Rub a lucky rabbit's foot? Wear a horseshoe with four-leaved clovers all over it??
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Has anyone you've sent eggs to hatched out any blues or splashes?

Only thing I can think of is maybe finding someone with similar lines that has a splash cockerel they don't need. Or try Dipsy's idea.

-Cindy in MA
Very much like the cockerel/pullet ratio. Hatch enough & you'll get about 50/50. Hatch a few & you may get all of one or a lopsided distribution.
Also like the cockerel/pullet ratio can't be influenced as far as I know.
The rabbit's foot couldn't hurt though.
I have Orphingtons; blues, blacks and splash. Last year when I was reading up I read an article on genetics saying Splash with Black gives you 100% blue. Any other combination gives you 50% 25% 25%. So my first Orphington pens were set Splash roo with black hens and the other one with Black Roo with Splash hens. Everything I hatched was blue. So either I was very lucky or this guy was right on. I have the article printed somewhere in my stuff.

This year I will set the two pens by dividing all the black, blue and splash hens between the Black Roo and the Splash Roo. I see what happens.

I haven't been able to find a splash Langshan with the lines I like. Forrest only has one and you can bet he's keeping his hooks in his!
I'm hoping that when the blue cockerel grows up, I can breed him back to his mother and hopefully get some splashes going.

So lucky rabbit's food it is!!!
Black x splash gives you 100% blue.
Splash x blue gives you 50% blue, 50% splash
Splash x splash gives you 100% splash
Blue x Black gives you 50% blue, 50% black
Blue x Blue gives you 25% splash, 50% blue and 25% black

I believe that's right...right?
Yes, the rations are correct. However what often isn't accounted for is that there are genetic blues that are so dark they appear nearly black--unless you are in good light and have a black standing next to them you may not be able to tell.

A very good breeder told me a couple of years ago that when he bred splash to black, the blues he was getting were all very dark. I would guess that his blacks have sufficient melanizing genes that are affecting the blue offspring as well. If you can find some lighter blues to work with you may have better luck.
I agree. I have been trying to increase my blue/splash part of my BBS marans flock. Seems like I get a disproportionate number of blacks. Well, I grew a handful of those out anyhow, and a few of what I thought was black, ended up blue. This time, I kept separate the eggs that were from blue or splash hens, with a black roo. I food dyed their butt fluff blue and am not selling them off. I will grow out a bunch of those and see if I end up with hopefully some more blues this time. I have decided that chicks that "may" turn out blue eat and poop three times more than plain ones.
I was at our poultry meeting yesterday, and the breeders were talking about the same thing. They all agreed that you have to have a splash and a black to get a blue.


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