So... ahem... how do you piggy back (I'm really not addicted)


8 Years
Sep 15, 2011
Isn't denial the first stage? Or just a river in Egypt?

I have two incubators full to the brim and 12 more eggs to set. How do you piggy back the eggs? These are shipped eggs, so I don't want to turn them for a few days, either. I'm thinking I will put these eggs directly in the automatic turner slots, but keep the turner off. Then I will piggy back the other eggs and hand turn those for a couple of days while the shipped eggs get started.

So my question is, can I turn the automatic turner back on with piggy backed eggs? Will the piggy backed eggs get jostled all over the place since they aren't in a real slot? Or will the eggs already there sort of hold them in place? Also, will the temperature be different for the piggy backed eggs since they will sit just a bit higher? (I do have a fan in my incubator which is a Hovabator, FYI).

Ok... I do need an answer the by the morning though as that's when I need to set this last dozen. 8)

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