So cal need broody hen to raise 3 chix arriving 3/15. Will drive 3+ hr


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Apr 19, 2010
northridge, california
We have two chix now, leghorn and ee. Both very sweet. Need broody to raise 3welsumer chix arriving 3/15. Just built beautiful new hen house for the girls! We are willing to drive 3+ hours if you have a broody to sell. Thx. Joy. 818.257.0700
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Nowhere near you, but I hope you find what you're looking for! If not, you could always set up a brooder in the house using a plastic tote or kiddie swimming pool. (The tote is easier
If the hen doesn't actually hatch chicks I think it would pretty hard to get her to adopt those chicks, even a broody hen. Why don't you just put the chicks in a brooder until they get a little older? You can make a home made brooder very easily.
had lots of friends who've done this successfully with a broody hen. read about it and it sounds like a great, clean, green, and healthy solution.

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