So confused about eggs


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
I am so confused about how to store and clean my eggs.
Last year I put them in the fridge as I collected them. Then washed them the night before farmers market. Then I read that they should not be chilled before any possible contaminates were washed from the shell so I started leaving them on the counter until I had a dozen to wash. Then I read that staying on the counter reduces quality. SO do I wash right away then put in the fridge or put in the fridge unwashed then wash before selling? My chicken eggs are usually pretty clean as their nestboxes are cleaned almost daily and they are just cleaner. My duck eggs on the other hand, even though their nests are cleaned daily also... I know they say to try and leave the bloom on, with the chickens I could sell unwashed and just say wash before eating. The duck eggs have a really thick bloom that is usually scratched off in places and they are a bit dirty. Please help me figure this out I just don't know which method to use.
sigh. I wish I knew. I am so confused now myself. I let some stay dirty and stay out for us to consume, I wash the messy ones, dry them, put those in the refrigerator and sell them, and The nice clean from the coop, I leave out and sell them in a day or two.
But the more I read the more confused I am. I like the clean from the coop sitting on the counter method best, but I am sure many don't.
good luck. I will keep tabs on this thread so I can get even more bewildered.
I did research on it and found that 50% of people say leave them dirty until you are ready to use them, the other half say to clean them first. I personally feel it is what you feel better with. We do a little of both. If we are busy they may sit dirty in the fridge for a few days, but usually we clean them and then put them in the fridge. I figure the eggs you get from the store are cleaned immediately so it should not hurt mine. Just my oppinion though... I dont really think there is one good way.

If you are going to be selling them I would recommend at least cleaning them good before you sell them. This just reduces the chance of someone getting salmonella. Some people are crazy and will file lawsuits over anything.

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