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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by chickintexas, May 27, 2010.

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    Mar 19, 2010
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    I know that I had posted something about processing my African geese not too long ago. I'm currently down to two since a predator had snagged one of them. I took care of the predator problem, though. [​IMG] So, looking at these last two, I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should process them now. They appear to be a male and female now that they are a bit older. I've called around to try to find someone to "do the deed" for me. Nothing. I'm currently building a large pond that I'd like to have plants and fish in but I'm wondering if the plants and fish thing would be feasible with the geese swimming around in there. Personally, if it's a choice between the pond and the geese....I choose the pond. It's something I've always wanted. Should I continue to try to find someone to process them? Try to find someone to take in a possible mating pair? Or attempt to do the pond and geese thing at the same time? My onyl worry about letting someone else take them in is that they are very much used to me and barely tolerate my children. They chill out with the kids after a few minutes of them getting settled down. Thoughts? Ideas? They still sound yummy come Christmas time [​IMG]
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    I vote for the Christmas goose ! We have one most every year. YUM !!! Geese are vegetarians by nature, so if your pond isn't big enough you will be hard pressed to have any plants in it. They will also trim your lawns, garden, pasture, etc. pretty close too. Ducks are omnivores , so they will not only eat any plants in the pond but any fish, tadpole, frog, etc. as well.
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    I've had geese as a meat, those older than one year old are tough to chew and my guess is that by the time you pay processing you would be better off selling each of them for $ and then buy a young goose for Christmas.... The cleaning of a goose is very difficult with the feathers, etc. I don't clean for anyone but if I did I would charge a minimum of $15.

    Geese - pairs in our area are selling for $50 to $70 a pair. This way the geese could have a productive life and swim and you could have your pond....Hope this helps
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    Re-home them if you can, process them if you cannot. I think they will over-fertilize your pond.
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    I wonder how African geese are for eating, compared with a breed more often used for meat like an Embden. I know that all breeds of chicken taste like... chicken! But some breeds are meatier, and more worth the effort for processing. At least with chicken you can simmer the meat off even the smallest or most slender ones and it's good for soup or salads. But goose seems best eaten whole & roasted. I do not know how the different goose breeds compare for eating.

    But perhaps you could sell them for a tidy sum and use the $$$ for your pond project. Then if roast goose still sounds like a good idea for Christmas you can raise another one for then.
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    Quote:This is interesting. I did not know this. You would think they would eat the same things. Good to know.
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    A couple of geese will not harm your fish and plants...
    and the water moccasins looking for a nice pond to hang in will look elsewhere to set up shop.

    If you plan to use it as a stock tank, cattle will screw up anything you plant; especially young trees.
    Horses will walk in and stand there for hours on end but they don't mess anything up.

    Keep the geese. You can always get rid of them later if it doesn't work out. I think watching them float around will be surprisingly relaxing to watch.
    One more thing, you are going to get all kinds of fish brought in on the legs of other birds that visit. The geese might help keep that in check a little too.
    The bigass carp that are sure to come will eat all the catfish and minnows you stock with. Let them play duck, duck, GOOSE!
  8. chickintexas

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    Mar 19, 2010
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    Thanks for everyone's input! I still have not decided on what to do yet but the thought of selling them sounds very tempting especially if I can use those funds towards my pond [​IMG] But, man! Roast goose is still sooooo tempting! [​IMG]

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