So does this behavior mean roo?


9 Years
Jan 23, 2011
I was out in the yard enjoying my birds and taking some pictures of them when a sizzle (silkie frizzle) chick that I was soooo sure was a girl engaged in a full-on staring contest with my head rooster. It went on long enough that I was able to snap several photos. My roo didn't know what to make of this impudent chick! He was not at all aggressive but he was not going to stand down either. I have never seen a chick do anything like this and just keep it up like this little chick did. The chick, Princess, is approx. 5 weeks old and hatched with a large vaulted skull and that's why I was guessing female. She is a saucy assertive little chick. Does this behavior mean Princess will have to give up her title? Also, what color is she/he? Is that a light blue or lavender or gray or what??? The shade seems too light to be blue, but a tad dark for lavender. I thought maybe a splash, but she doesn't have any white, at least not yet. Please still be a girl!


Nope. My cockerel is a big wuss and the lead pullet is a tough little thing that will happily peck our 55-pound dog right on the nose if he comes closer than she'd like. Until the hormones fire up (and that hasn't happened yet at 5 weeks) all you're seeing is individual personality.
Well she's got plenty of personality that's for sure! I hope she "remains" a girl, just love her coloring
How cute! I had a chick that grew faster than (his) little buddies and out grew em by leaps n bounds but still was not convinced it was a he. He started looking like a he than started acting like a he. Still wasn't convinced until last week he finally crowed. So now I am convinced. So when they act like a Roo and start lookin like a roo chances are they are a Roo! How adorable though. Keep us informed. Now I will be curious.

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