So excited this morning

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Aug 3, 2020
I spent several hours cleaning my girls' hen house and run yesterday. I got new chopped straw down with alfalfa and no sooner did I get that laid in their natural area they were digging and scratching making a dust bath. They must have bathed for 45 minutes. I noticed Humble was hanging around in the bath not moving. My mother-in-law asked if something was wrong she was not as energetic as the others. I paid attention to her behavior and she did not come running for the evening before bed hot oatmeal to give them a warm night. She was acting what I call like ho hum. Laying down a lot. When they went to bed she did not roost just laid on the mat. OK. This morning I got up and let them out and there was an egg. Wow. They will all be 19 weeks come Wed and are Rhode Island Reds. What a surprise. She was just getting ready to lay. Super cool.


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