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Jul 16, 2016
We have had chickens now for one full season (we picked them up last June) both my boyfriend and I work full time out of the house, so we couldn't brood ourselves, but we found a great local farmer that sells the laying hens just after they are brooded and a month or so before they begin to lay. This summer has been hot so far in Vermont and this week our girls (we have 5) really slowed in egg production. We haven't changed their food (they only like two brands), so I am hoping it's just the heat. They are Jersey Reds, so they should lay over 300 in the first laying season (just ending) and around 250 or so the second season based on my reading.
Could the heat really be causing the slow down?
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Yes, heat will effect laying. What happens is the hens don't eat enough layer feed, which is high in protein. Not enough protein and they don't release yolks. Over heating and dehydration will slow the egg machines down. will illness or things like internal worms, external parasites, coccidiosis, age, stress, etc...Sometimes they may be laying out in the field somewhere in a secret nest, predators may be sneaking into the coop and eating the eggs or the birds themselves are eating them.

These are just a few reasons why the slow egg production. But heat is a very big factor.

Good luck with your flock and welcome to ours! :)
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You have gotten some excellent advice from 2 Crows. Heat can be the cause of a laying strike but it also can kill them. You may want to offer them some cool treats like watermelon so they take in additional fluid. If you have some shallow pans you can fill with water - birds like to stand in them - cool feet = cool bird. They will also benefit from more shade, either man made or natural.

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