so far have 2 chickens that have died Whats going on?

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    Jul 15, 2013
    I did have a total of 10 chickens but 2 have died not the same day.
    First one
    Went out and saw blood in the nest. With a huge egg in it. All chickens were alive. Went out 2 hours later found one dead on the floor. Looked her over real good. Nothing appeared to be wrong with her. She was just dead. No more huge eggs appeared the next several days. Just regular size ones.
    .Looked over the rest of the chickens all appeared healthy. Nothing around any of the vents All were acting normaly
    Cleaned the coop out. Had a smell of ammonia in it. Cleaning it out took care of smell
    Started getting a huge egg for the last 3 days. No blood on nest. This last egg was extreamly huge. Found a chicken dead on floor. Looked like old blood on vent of dead chicken. All other chickens appear healthy
    Should I treat the current chickens that I have for anything? All the other chickens vents are clean. All their eyes are nice and bright with no discharge. Don't know what is going on. Ca a chicken hemmorage from to large of an egg
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    Do your chickens have plenty of room? Chickens can peck each other to death by attacking the vent, especially if they are bored, crowded. or lacking protein in the diet. I can't say for sure what killed you two hens, but I would explore vent pecking. Coccidiosis can cause blood in the droppings, but the chickens will usually act lethargic, puffed up, and may not eat before dying. Corid or amprollium will treat coccidiosis. Capillaria worms can also cause blood in the stools, so worming with Valbazen 1/2 ml orally, then repeat in 10 days would treat that. Enteritis is another intestinal disease that could cause blood in the droppings. Large eggs can cause egg binding and also can cause prolapsed vent, which could attract vent pecking. I hope you can figure out what is going on. Sorry for your loss.

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