So how was your weekend?


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Jul 8, 2008
North Carolina
I took my three grandsons to a local park yesterday where they had a great deal for $8.00 eachwhere the kids could ride the caurosel, ride the train, play putt putt and mine a bucket of gems. So the boys are 3, 7 and 8.So we go to play putt putt and I am trying to help the 3 year old while staying away from the seven year old whose wild swing has already come in contact with my knuckles. I am bent over showing Little Rush how to hit the ball with the club when bang I feel a punch to my front teeth. I grab my mouth thinking I will come back with broken bit of teeth betwen my fingers but nothing just sore. A little blood but not much. Max is all over himself saying he is so sorry which I know he is as it was an accident. So I take the Little Rush off and we sit in the shade while the other 2 finish their game. We ride the rides and mine the gens and then take the 3 year old home. The other two are spending the night and after dropping off Rush we go get feed. I am driving their van and don't know how to put the seats down so I put the feed in the seat next to Max. All is well 25 miles of the drive home about 3 miles from the house I hear Max yelling and about the same time I hear feed pouring out of the bag. He has pulled the string and unsealed the bag and chicken feed is going everywhere. I think I laughed. I was so tired, my mouth hurt and I had to get home and unload feed and take care of the chickens. I was able to pull over and get the flow to stop after 1/3 of it had poured out. We finally got home, I unloaded the feed into the metal trash cans, watered the 4 groups of birds and put fresh litter under the meat birds. Max and I got up most of the feed and today after I went to the dentist (nothing broken and hopefully no root damage but only time will tell) I vacuumed out most of the feed. I figure let his folks get the rest. Well that was my day how was yours?

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Aug 12, 2009
I am glad to read your mouth is OK. Not much happened during our first summer break weekend other than me falling into a batch of stinging nettle while trying to catch a baby cottontail I had scared out of the nest. The chickens actually noticed the bunbun first,but luckily I got the little buggar before it ran through the fence.

Sounds like a nice park you took them too. I absolutely can not afford anything this year so I need to get the pool up asap.

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