So I am looking for plans for a small, and extra cheep mobile coop.

Check out the pallet coops on the coop pages here, that's probably your best bet for cheap, but still sturdy enough to protect your birds. You'll need to put some money into a covered run, however, if you want to make money, your tolerance for losses goes down.
I am looking at raising pullets to sell, and i am looking for the cheapest, mobile coop plans, i want to be able to build like 2-3 of em, and thats why i want to keep em cheap. So, if anyone has good ideas about this, please share.
How old will birds be when you sell them?
What is your idea of 'cheap'?
I scored a bunch of this 3ft tall 2x4inch hole fencing for $14on OfferUp.

Three together in a triangle for however long you can make it, cap the ends.

Maybe a tarp over some.

Cheep Cheep.



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My idea of cheap is like less than 25-30 bucks lol. The birds will range from probably 3 months to 7 months.

Hey if you’re doing anything long term, you’ll want to go ahead and spend a bunch of quick bucks. My coop is a $300 metal shed and it is a few months old, and somewhat already falling apart. Would I buy the same shed in the future? No, but would I spend $300 on another shed? Yes because it’s a one time payment and then the hassle is gone.

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