So I bought my bator today.....

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May 13, 2009
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I settled for a LG, which I know some people like them and others don't. I am a stay at home mom, so I have time to babysit the thing if I need to. There has been alot of "negetive press" on here lately regarding shipped eggs and I don't have any expectations of 100% hatches or anything. I know my chances may be better the closer someone is to MO. So, I guess my question is: What do you guys think I should try out first? Are there certain breeds who seem to stand up to the trauma of shipping better than others in your experience? I know I would like to have some Salmon Favorelles, I love Silkies, I would Like to have some Millie Fleur, and just about any laying breed that comes in blue or splash is an option, and I would also love to hatch our any breed or mutt that lays the blue or green eggs lol! I am seriously having trouble making up my mind now that the dang thing is here and set up! Can you tell I have a mixed flock??!! I think I am pretty well set up and ready to go after a few more days of stable temps and humidity, but now I am torn about what to put in there, HELP!
Congratulations on the bator!! YAY!! I love the salmon Favorelle!! There are some on here that sell a mixture of purebred eggs for a very good price! Check and see if you see a good deal!!
I would buy from Byc members
Before Iwould go to E-bay
I have heard too much negitive about Ebay sellers/
sunshines silkies is great to do business
with as I have done. a(BYC member.)

just my 2cents worth.

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