So I just sold most of my flock...


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Mar 16, 2011
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Not sure how I feel about it yet. I only kept back 8 birds. 4 Hens, 2 Pullets, and 2 Cockerels. I figured all of my pens were pretty hodge podged together...most made last minute after I bought chickens and needed a quick place to keep them. Also, I got into chickens with the intention of showing them eventually and here I was with a flock of 50 birds and nothing really show quality. I decided to put the money toward getting chain link dog kennels for my pens and add back slowly with really nice quality birds. I just kept the 8 because I didn't want to go completely chickenless and I am kinda attached to these. My husband was glad I sold them but because he never really loved helping me feed and water so many pens each morning. I think I am kinda sad right now that they are gone even though it means a lot less work and that I can do it right next time around.

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Kind-of sneaks up on a person, the number of birds and the amount of time it takes to care for them.

for you and the void you feel right now. Stick to your guns, and be very picky who you decide is good enough to call your place home. I know it is hard (I am trudging up that hill myself) but you can do it.

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Well, at least with less chickies you'll be able to pay more attention to the ones you have. Now that the crowd is smaller, their personalities will stand out more. And the chickies you got rid of will enjoy their less crowded conditions. But I can sympathize about the feeling of loss whenever you sell/give away a number of birds. The girls you kept and yourself will make it through this transition okay. Sit out there and feed them some treats, and it will help you both out.


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May 13, 2010
Would love to see pics of your "new" smaller flock
Besides, now you can be more informed and really picky about what you get. I am not at that point yet but if I were you I would definitely be doing some searching for what I really wanted! I think you will be happy when you get your first SQ birds


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Mar 16, 2011
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Hehe I never share pictures because if there is one thing in this world I am good at is making even the prettiest chicken look terrible in pictures. I think it is half me and half my camera. I never can get the settings right on it. Then I am not patient enough to take a lot of pictures in hopes of a good one.

My little Black Cockerel. He is the first chick I hatched myself. His daddy found a new home today, but I still have his momma.

My little blue girls. They are such a gorgeous shade of blue. In good light. I love their lacing as well.

The little blue cockerel. I really kept him because him and the girls hatched together. Plus him with my Chocolate Sport girl I have a chance of hatching out a Platinum!

My little Black hen and Splash Hen. The black girl is the momma of the little black cockerel I kept.

Leona....My blue hen. She was my second chicken I got. She is molting right now and has a full crop from gourging on grasshoppers, but she is normally a very pretty little girl.

And last but not least my little Chocolate Sport. You can't tell in the picture but she has dark splashes all over her body. It is a very interesting color.

As you can tell by all of the panting they are very hot chickens today. It is almost 100 degrees in the shade. When I get my new pen set up I am getting them a mister and fan for the summer time.

I am glad to know the few chickens I kept will have a better life and I am pretty confident the girls that I sold have a good home. I am a little afraid the boys I sold might not because they did not intend to keep most of them, but the deal was for all the ones I was parting with or nothing. I can't wait to get my new pen for these guys and girls set up later today. I will be able to sit in their pen and give them meal worms for the first time in ages. Hopefully they will appreciate my "sacrifice". I never meant for my chickens to go from pets to just livestock, but that is what happened. Now they get to be pets again.

Thank you all for your support. I knew if anyone would understand how hard it is to let your precious chickens go it would be you guys. My family just doesn't get it. After all, it is just a chicken.


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Sep 1, 2011
Beautiful chickens! I have 6 hens now, and re-homed several roosters lately.

It is always hard when your head (rational side) and your heart (emotional side) are not in agreement.

With me, my head knows when I make the right decision, but it takes a while for my heart to catch up. And sometimes it doesn't catch up completely.


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