So I only paid $10 a dozen, but what are they??


May 12, 2016
Portland oregon
A guy in my area sells eggs to hatch for $10 a dozen delivered. So it's not a bad deal.

However he claimed these are ALL purebred chicks?

I've had a couple people look at them and they all have said mutts.

There is a copper Maran mixed in this bunch, he's the blue one with huge eyes.

But wondering if anyone thinks any of these are purebred?

Please let me know.
They all could be pure or they could all be mutts. It is very hard to tell at this age. Once they mature and you can judge feather color combined with leg, skin and beak color along with comb types, you will have a better idea what you have.
They are mixed. Perhaps he meant the parents were "pure". That is a word used along side "heritage" and what exactly does that mean? Very little in fact. If all the parent stock came purely from a hatchery or even if the parents were a breeders worst cull birds it means the same thing- they are not up to standard. As in they wont be close to the perfect distinguishing characteristics of a specific variety and breed. And in turn I can mix two different breeds to make a bird that conforms to the standard of one breed but does that make it heritage? These words pure and heritage do little to describe a bird though are used often to elevate "quality" of birds if only by peoples perception. Honestly, even in breeders circles the word pure is used and it does aid in some regard there in lineage. Pure so and so's line of birds for example let's others know lineage of the bird but in no way denotes conformation to standard. That can only be determined by evaluating each bird. "Words, words, that is the question." Does pure or heritage mean anything when standard bred is a more suitable term. "The birds the word" is more apt when dealing with poultry quality of conformation to breed.

Certainly none of this implies you have poor quality birds. You've a nice mix of color variations and crested birds that will make for a fine flock to view and good eggs to eat. Ten bucks is a fair deal on back yard straight run birds. How well you fair with the deal will prove itself by how many cockerels you ended up with. I see a few so far.
I agree that they are most likely mixes. Differently something barred, something crested, and something bearded in their parentage. Likely a flock of purebreds that are all penned together.
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Thanks for the answers, what he told me and advertises is 100% pure fertile chicken eggs for hatching then goes on to state

Ayam Cemani all black no culls ( which now I know is wrong)
Bev Davis Marans
Paul smith Americauna
Turken ( which I got one but failed to hatch)
Creamy legbar
White leghorn
Barred rock
Black faced Spanish
The ONLY mix he mentioned was black faced Spanish leghorn cross.

He says to brabanter no bantam breeds
Do any of these have tufts?

And yes MOST look like roo's to me too!!

My incubator runs low on temp, wondering if that had anything to do with it??

I hatched out EE'S for neighbor and got 4 hens out of 11 eggs!

But my luck isn't so hot either, night 5 blue andalusians from feed store all were supposed to be pullets, at least 2 look like roo's!!
I'm going with mixed mutts... I see several that appear to have the classic Cream Legbar head tuffed but are not Legbars, thus likely mutts or hybrids leading me to believe they are all likely mixes...

Also when several of those breeds sell for decent prices even as eggs, why sell them for essentially nothing?
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None of those breeds have tufts. the Ameraucana have beards and muffs, and the Crested Cream Legbars have crests.

You can check Bev Davis' web site, but I'm pretty sure the Marans should have feathered legs.

None of those chicks match those breeds listed. And where did that red chick come from?

I agree they all look mixed. Crests, barring, straight combs, looks like lots of Legbar there. Maybe a Legbar rooster over the barred Rock hens?

You might want to post pics of your Andalusians before writing them off as cockerels. As a Mediterranean breed, they can get larger combs early. Give us profile pics and age and we'll help you out.

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