So irratated and thinking I am SOL

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    Jun 18, 2008
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    SO this year as in the last 3 years I ordered from my local farm store (not a tsc or a SS) Some "special" or rare breed chickens.

    I had not ordered from this farm guy before , but I had HOPED I would have better luck.

    3years ago from our local ss i ordered wcb polish, rose combs, bantAM black,white and buff silkie.

    I GOT the rose combs, and the black and white silkies

    Last year from ss again I ordered wcbpolish AGAIN, sultans, and silver laced wynadotes and buff silkies

    I GOT !!1!! silver laced wynadotte, buff silkies

    So I am not so impressed with ss so thats why I ordered form the local small farmer feed and seed.

    I ordered white silkies, houdans, SPLASH silkies and sultaNS.

    he told me they would be here May 6

    My white silkies came at the end of April and STILL none of the others I ordered and I have stopped by and he has my number, I DON't think I am am going to be getting them! So bummed and WHY tell the guy they will ship and then NOTHING no word.

    I FINALLY got my wcbpolish becuase he happened to order a large quantity for him to sale so I FINALLY after 3 yrs snagged 6, and love them.

    Just irratated that the hatcheries I think, say yes no problem and then they just don;t come thru! I guess due to supply vs demand.

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