SO is eating whole eggs (with shell)?

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This looks like it could be the spot to post this because it certainly is not a recipe...anyway my dear crazy SO has decided to add whole eggs to his daily smoothes because he decided the shell would provide him some calcium (you really don't want to know what else he adds it's usually gross)

So does anyone know if he's hurting himself doing this? or can give me a reason to tell him not to do this any longer? He gets certain things in his head on occasion (like he won't eat pepper at all because he decided it has salmonilla in it) his Italian blood shows it self in unique and usually entertaining ways but this is really weird to me, anyway, thanks for any info
He must be calcium deficient - has he laid any soft shelled eggs in the past? You have to be careful - once they start eating the shells, I've heard you can't stop that bad habit
Well, the salmonella you can get from eggs is usually ON the shell. Just sayin'

(maybe he needs a bowl of free choice oyster shell
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Actually - we should try to be serious but it's hard - it's just a guy kind of thought process (speaking from 22 years of marriage experience - they do come up with some weird thoughts).

Have you asked your doctor? Seriously. I don't have a clue how the human body can process egg shells - I'd be worried about the possibility of internal cuts through the large and small intestine as well as the colon during the #2 process.
If he's going to do the I highly recommend you go to the store and buy the pre-pasturized eggs.

Other than that calcium is calcium but he'd be better to take a calcium citrate tablet along with a multi vitamin every morning. It's more easily digested and absorbed if taken in conjunction with other viatmins. .
Thanks Hens-And-Chicks sounds like you've been there too....

He washes the eggs really well (they are from our hens) and he runs the blender forever (sometime walking away to do something else
) when he's done theres only tiny grit left so I'm not worried about his intestines just wondering if this is something he should stop doing.

Now that we have our own hens again he's started to whip up about 5 egg whites add some sugar and a touch of whiskey the way his Dad always did. I personally don't eat raw eggs but at least with our own I don't worry as much.

As far as the salmonilla he believes pepper is the problem there
It will not hurt him..

My wife's grandfather used to tell us about his father making all of the family eat the whole egg for the added calcium.. this was in the late 1890's.... grandpa Emil lived well into his 90's....
ewww.. sorry LOL! Blechhh! That has to taste nasty... I just about throw up if DH gets a speck of egg shell in my scrambled eggs so I cant even imagine actually eating the entire shell!

I agree, how about taking a supplement vs. eating the shells? I'd also ask my family dr if there is any harm in doing so. Remember too much calcium isnt a good thing either and can be dangerous.
When the shells go through the blender, they should get pulverized. Egg shell can be digested, just like other sources of calcium.

Most recipes for "birdie bread" that's made as a food for parrots, call for tossing the shell into the blender, along with the egg's contents.

When I made a cooked diet for my dog, it was important to add calcium to the food. Sometimes I baked egg shells lightly in the oven and then ground them in a spare coffee grinder. I did the egg shells whenever it was convenient and stored the powder in a jar. Other times I bought a jar of powdered calcium carbonate. Either one works and are pretty commonly used. The powdered calcium carbonate was actually sold for people.

As for whether he needs that extra calcium or should be consuming the egg and shell raw, that's an individual matter. I wouldn't be doing it, but I know others do. I get my calcium from other sources and I don't have the best immune system.

I agree that chunks of egg shell would be unwise to put down our digestive systems.

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