so let's just say these seramas hatch...

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I don't grind up the food

Don't forget your heat light.
Wait a min, am I reading this correctly that we can use corn meal for the newly hatched chicks? Regular grocery store baught corn meal?

Also, (just to know if it's possible for future knowledge) Can I also ground up deer corn? I have TONS of deer corns around since me and my brother bow hunt in the woods on the property. Can I ground that up and give to them? I just want to know for $$$ savings. Buy 1 thing for everything, know what I mean?
I grind up the food. Otherwise mine just picked out the small pieces and screamed their heads off about being hungry when they got down to only large pieces of crumble. I also do it with my japanese bantams. Also make sure they can't drown. I had a very small one actually drown with marbles in the waterer. I put grit in the waterer base instead so they had spaces only about as big as their beak to peck. Sometimes if I only have 2 or 3 I start them with a bottle cap or something for a waterer. More recently I've gone to just using hamster bottles. I put a hamster bottle and a container of water in a brooder with newly hatched japs and seramas. I figured they'll drink from the container and eventually get the bottle. They skipped the container and started tapping the ball on the bottle. I removed the container 2 days later and they drank from the hamster bottle and then a rabbit bottle until they went out to the coop.

Aside from smaller food and drowning easier you don't need to do anything special. They are just like every other chick only smaller.

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