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  1. Buckaroohens

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    Dec 25, 2013
    Chester County, PA

    Is it bad that I've been dreaming about chicken coop plans every night since we decided to start a flock? Insanity.

    So, I have a question...does anyone have experience with building a coop based on the plans from fresheggsdaily? Here is a link to her plans

    If you don't have experience directly with such a coop, can you take a peek at it and just let me know what you think? Would that be sturdy enough for southeastern PA weather? If I do go that route, I might raise the coop up higher on 2x4's. Would it be possible to attach a tall run (tall enough to walk around in) to that coop? Thanks for your input!
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    Dec 1, 2015
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    That coop looks very nice. I think raising the bottom up on blocks would serve you better then 2x4s. I also would advise at least a 4ft wall hieght based solely on my past experience with my own smaller coops.
    Adding a tall run can easily be done either with a diy post and wire type run or a bought chainlink dog run pannels. Both just require cutting out for the coop entrance, attaching it to the coop, and predator proofing.

    I am 6'2" tall and with my 7th back surgery under my belt i can say that i will not be making/buying/or cleaning any more coops that i cant walk in or open one whole side. If it is easy and comfortable to clean out you'll do it more often.
  3. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    My Coop
    No, not bad.....completely understandable.
    There's a lot to learn before building, I suggest you take a lot of time and design your own instead of buying plans.

    Most the plans are as inappropriate as the pre-made coops.
    That plan might be great for 3-4 maybe 5 chickens, but could be a nightmare for the keeper.....
    .......I would not want to clean my coop by lifting the half the roof up.

    Agrees a walk-in coop is much easier to deal with, especially in a harsh winter climate.
    If you're not handy enough to fully build a small building, maybe buying a shed and adding roosts, nests, pop doors and such would be the way to go.

    There's lots of different ways to keep chickens, that's just my opinion.
  4. Buckaroohens

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    Dec 25, 2013
    Chester County, PA
    Thanks so much for the replies. I think I'm going to go with another plan or just modify some myself. I don't think that one will be sturdy enough for us. Plus, I agree with wanting to have a taller coop or a walk-in one for easy cleaning. There's no way I'll feel like bending down to clean up after the chickens. I do that all day chasing around my children. Thanks again for your input.
  5. TLWR

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    Jul 10, 2010
    southern AL
    My chicken house is similar to that, but taller. Cleaning for me means opening the other door and hosing it out for 10 seconds.
    Their nest box is by the door, so easy reach.
    The duck house is behind it that is lower to the ground. That is built so the front side roof opens on either side. I hose out that daily. I do have to reach in to get eggs and works fine if they lay in the bin, otherwise I am hanging into the hut to get eggs lol

    But for the chicken house, I open one door for the day and when it needs to be cleaned, I open the second door and hose straight through.
    Built with 2x4s and 6' fence boards.


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