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Sorry, keep starting new threads for new questions, but, really am trying to get as many answers as I can, and I seem to be in a hurry to get this knowledge all at once, haha

I just read on another thread , where someone put two holes in the side of the bator for adding water without having to open the lid.
This is just for lockdown right?

Do you have to do this, as I didn't put any holes in the bator.
Would there be enough humidity in there if one puts water in both channels on the bottom of the bator. Or should I be putting holes in there?

best place to put the hygrometer??
What do you have for a bator? The hole is for adding water during the hatch not just during lockdown.
I put my hygrometer on top of the eggs if I have to... need to be able to read it.
I have a hole in top of my bator and use a syringe and a straw to add water from the top hole.
Don't fill more than one water spot in the bottom or the humidity can be to high.
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so the hygrometer, must be inside the bator, duh. I saw a pic where someone had it on top. so I confused myself.

It's a 1602 N with fan.

can one not open the lid to add some water? because if I had to turn eggs by hand you'd be opening the lid anyways.

do I really need to make another hole in this bator, I'm scared Im gonna demolish the thing, haha.

If I put a hole in it, and put in a straw, do I need to plug that straw up when not adding water?
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Its fine to open the lid to turn the eggs. But after day 18 you don't need to turn them any more. You really need to bring the humidity up at the end or the membrane inside the shell gets sticky & they really struggle to get out.

Plus - once they pip (crack the first hole in the egg) if you open the bator the quick drop in humidity will cause 'shrink wrap'. the egg membrane will quickly dry & shrink tight against the chick preventing it from moving so it cant get out.

DONT OPEN THE BATOR FOR ANY REASON AFTER A PIP! At least not until you have all your pips hatched & dry & fuzzy.

didn't mean to yell. But its important.

You should be able to add water from the outside of the bator during lock down.

Use a straw, or what ever you can find to be able to add this water.
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haha, it's okay to yell, thanks for the advice.

can I just put one hole in the side of the bator for the straw to go in, does it need to be plugged , (unless adding water)
I guess I'd need two if I need to fill the two channels with water.
I'm not familiar with the various store bought incubators as I built my own for my first try, but I would expect they have a way to add water.

If not - drilling a straw sized hole will work for adding water to the channels. Up to you on 1 or 2. Which ever you prefer. You will not need to plug the holes as they will be too small to worry about heat & humidity getting out to a significant degree.

Oh yeah - Just a bit of advice. They say you should set twice as many eggs as you want to hatch - 50% is a normal hatch rate - lots of people do better, but if you plan on only getting half then when you get more your happy & when you get half your not disappointed.

You should also plan on a number of live chicks burning out in the first couple of days - I've never lost many, but I always lose some. some are just born weak & they don't last long. If you plan ahead & expect the losses then its not so painful when it happens.
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i've read that some use the vent holes, to put straws into when needed. which would work too, maybe. as I read they are to be unplugged during hatching anyways so, would be easy access, if of course they are placed above the channel I need to add the water too.
Must go look.

I'm thinking I could just sneak a straw down the vent holes up top to add water
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