So my garage turned barn roof is sitting on the cement pad

Frozen Feathers

12 Years
May 4, 2007
Thank goodness we weren't using it!!
My 3 car garage turned barn collapsed this afternoon. We didn't even notice a problem with it until a few days ago.
In a way it's sort of funny. The walls are all flat out to the side and the roof is sitting squarely on the cement. Whomever built it had no business building anything. The walls apparently weren't connected and the the way the trusses were built (just basically boards butted together instead of overlapped) is ridiculous. It was built in 1996 I believe In theory it should have been able to handle this snow, my 2 story 2 car garage (where my goats and pony live underneath) and house are perfectly fine, both built in the late 20's. I guess there is something to be said about the quality of buildings now a days.

Well hopefully insurance will cover it, but either way we should have enough wood to rebuild it the right way, and more to our liking. What a day. First I don't exist with my phone company and now my barn is gone. I guess all I can do is laugh.
At least you still have a sense of humor!
I hope everything works out for you insurance-wise and the roof collapse turns out to be a blessing in disguise.
The roof on our barn collapsed a couple of years ago. The insurance company was very good about it but didn't just hand us a check. We were given a portion and told that if we wanted more we'd have to give them receipts for the work done. Well, we wanted to re-build it ourselves so the barn is still roofless.

A friend's barn came down the same day, killing 10-20 dairy cows! I am so grateful that ours just crushed a few items that could be replaced.

This past summer a tree came down and crushed our car - not much help from the insurance company there. We survived and any tree that is the same age is being drastically cut back until we can afford to get new ones put in.

Good luck! Bet you wish this winter would end - I know that I do!

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