So NOW she goes broody???


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Apr 29, 2010
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We got some fertile eggs for our broody OEGB. Then she quit sitting before we ever got to give them to her, so we got an incubator for the eggs. They are about 14 days into incubation. Tonight when I close them up, SHE'S SITTING AGAIN!! I have six lovely eggs. Should I take some of them and place them under my broody hen?
Once you know that she is 100% committed(2-3 days) to being broody give her the eggs. They don't have clocks. Once those eggs hatch under her she will switch from broody mode to mamma mode. I have done it several times. Last year Pigie was broody a total of 4 days before her chicks hatched.

I disagree, with the eggs only having a week at most left, she might not accept them as 'hers'. I've had LF OEG hens kill chicks that hatched 'too early', personally I wouldn't risk it.
I think it depends on how much you want the broody to raise the chicks, how important those eggs are to you, and how high your risk tolerance is. I'm not sure how many eggs will fit under the broody either. I'll assume all six since you got them for her.

There are several different things you could do. Hatch and brood the chicks yourself, put all or some of the eggs under her, wait until they hatch and put all or some of the chicks under her at night. In the case where it is some, try adding the others later after you see if she accepts the first ones. There are different risks with all approaches and they all may work or fail. I can't tell you which one is better for you.

I personally would not trust that hen very much if she starts and stops like that, at least until she has proven she will stay on the nest a while. You did not say how long she stayed broody the first time, when you first got the eggs. Sounds like it was not very long. I've had them act broody for a day or so, then quit. Sort of like she was thinking about it, then decided against it. My rule is that if she spends 2 consecutive nights on the nest instead of roosting in her normal spot, I'll trust her with some eggs. In your case, with her history, I might make that 3 consecutive nights.

Good luck!

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