So, Polish are good flyers?

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  1. Because I have five 2-week-old Polish chicks who can EASILY fly out of the brooder. [​IMG] It's an impressive sight, but now I realize I'm probably going to have to learn to clip wings!
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    Apr 22, 2008
    Their visibilty will go way down and curb their willingness to fly soon enough. The crest is pretty but unless you trim it they usually only see from the ground up a little. My adults always look closely before flying anywhere, even onto their own roost.

    This is my favorite picture of Wolfgang, she wasn't about to fly off on her own so she posed for me until I rescued her.
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    Apr 3, 2007
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    Most chicks can fly pretty well to get out of the brooder. Things change when they get bigger and put on weight.

    Large breeds have a tendancy not to be as inclined to flying as some of the banty breeds. Also on a polish the top knot can really hinder them getting about on the ground so it could give issue with flying as well.

    That being said all the birds I have , except the silkies, have flown up and over the 4 ft fence. Many clear the 6 ft area and it's not uncommon to find some on the roof looking down at me when I come out of the kitchen door with a treat................


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